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India’s Favorite Murmura and Bhandang Manufacturer, Serving Range of Authentic Taste...

An Introduction

Bhandang and Murmura are one of the most loved & consumed Indian snacks, prepared by heating rice kernels under high pressure in presence of steam so to have them in puffed form. These low calorie, crisp and lightweight cereal are delicious in taste and a good choice for consuming between the meals without spoiling appetite for the main meals. Mr. Gappi well analyzed the love of people across India for this puffed rice snack item and then made a plan to start business of dealing with them. He started his own sole proprietorship firm and named it G. N. Enterprises, the company is fully dedicated to provide people healthy Bhandang and Murmura of several varieties. The company works as a dedicated manufacturer and by paying attention towards maintaining hygiene and bringing the authentic taste, it serves a praiseworthy range. We have our sound production set up, where there are many mixers, stoves, containers and many other facilities that aid in preparing crispy Kolhapuri Bhandang, Jain Bhandang, Sev Murmura, Roasted Murmura and many other related dishes. Be it a young child or office going professional, housemaker, grandparents, people of all age groups love having murmura and bhandang. Further, our company serves each pack after well sealing it and mentioning details like manufacturing date, expiry date, ingredients used, nutritional contents, etc.

Health Benefits of Murmura and Bhandang

Here, we are citing some of the health benefits of consumption of our prepared puffed rice snacks:
  • Enhances Energy Level of Body- Murmura and Bhandang due to being prepared of Puffed Rice have high carbohydrate which fuels up energy level of body and make it capable of doing daily activities.
  • Good For Digestion- Offered food products of our company are rich in fiber that improves the metabolism of the body and optimizes bowel movement.
  • Prevents Constipation- Consumption of our offerings highly promotes beneficial bacterial growth, hence prevents hemorrhage & constipation.
  • Gives Strength to Bones- Puffed rice contains vitamin D, calcium, iron, fiber and riboflavin ensures strong bones and teeth.
  • Promotes Brain Development- The neutrotransmitter nutrient of our offered range stimulates brain nerve and improves development of brain.
  • Boosts Immunity- Our Bhandang & Murmura contains antioxidants that prevent body from several infections and boosts immunity.
Our People- Our Strength, Our Pride

We are highly proud of our employees, we totally count on them, it is their hard work, sincerity and determination that our company is now a renowned name of the Murmura and Bhandang markets. The chefs of our team hold knowledge of the authentic flavor & taste of these dishes, they strive and help us serve the best to our customers. They keep experiment by adding several spices and seasonings in our dishes to bring them in different flavors. Further, quality examiners test prepared items on grounds of their taste, aroma, crispiness, purity and shelf life, only after getting assured about superior quality they pack them. The packers further work to pack range in different quantity packs in a way so that it looks appealing and remain protected from harms during transit process.

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